The Best Washing Machine Repair 2023

Washing Machine Repair

Washing Machine Repair


Find the best washing machine repair service only on the marketplace. Washing machines take care of your clothes, you should take care of them too, right? So, why wait and look for a technician here and there? You can find many expert washing machine technicians in one place. offers you a platform to hire experts to repair your faulty washing machine fixed right away!

Service Features:

  • Professional Technician
  • Doorstep service
  • Safety Assurance
  • Service Warranty
  • No Extra Charge
  • Proper Diagnosis
  • Night Shift Service

Washing Machine Repair

What’s Excluded?

  • Price of additional materials or parts (if needed)
  • Transportation cost for carrying new materials/parts (if applicable)
  • Warranty on consumable materials/parts


  • You only have to pay the service charge including materials/parts cost (if taken)

After service completion, you have to pay through the app or Cash On Delivery.

Terms & Conditions :
Warranty: gives 7 days of service warranty. However, the warranty on consumable materials/parts is as per the manufacturer.
Costing: The service charge is fixed but the price will differ if any additional or replacing materials/parts are installed.
Safety Measures:
Customers will be solely responsible for their personal materials and the safety of household resources.
After service completion, the customer automatically discharges from further liabilities.
Washing Machine Repair
Why Choose Us?

Hassle-Free: Ordering washing machine repair service from us is simple and easy. You can hire expert Service Providers from us hassle-free. Our Service Provider will send an expert technician to your doorstep for you.
Budget Friendly: You can hire a professional technician on the same budget or less than any other local technician near you. Our Service Providers will provide expert washing machine technicians to diagnose problems and fix them.
Well-trained Professionals: Our professional Service Providers have discreet and skilled technicians. Their backgrounds are thoroughly checked in detail.
Safety Assurance: Our service providers offer a safe refrigerator repair service for you. They will handle your refrigerator repair with care. (Washing Machine Repair)

So. Please contact us for any information.


Price Includes:

  • Only labor charges / Service Charges(Depending on inspection and overall work scope).

Price Excludes:

  • Components/Materials or Parts (if used)
  • Transportation (if applicable)
  • Hanging charge(if applicable)

Additional Work Scope:

  • A nitrogen test needs to be done to identify the location of leakage (Charges for which will be extra)
  • Gas Refill (Charges for which will be extra)
  • For the AC outdoor unit, a hanging charge is applicable for height and difficulties.

Terms & Pricing


  • Diagnosis Charge: A diagnosis Charge of a maximum of BDT 200 is applicable if the customer decides not to take the service after the service provider has done a diagnosis of the problem. 
  • Service Charge: Upon inspection and may vary depending on the overall work scope.
  • Warranty:
    • provides a 7 days warranty on the service provided.
    • Warranty on consumables and parts will be as per manufacturer only
  • Liability:
    • is not responsible for any loss or damage to any valuable or breakable item when the service provider is on your premises. Advise you to keep such items in a safe and secure place and supervise the service provider during service
    • will not be liable for any pre-existing issues/potential risks reported by the technician but not handled due to customer refusal to repair the same
  • Payment: After service completion – you can pay through online or COD. After payment please make sure, you have received the SMS containing the money receipt.
  • Others:
    • If any repair work is required, a quote will be given before proceeding
    • We strongly discourage direct dealing with our service provider regarding a service booked through All warranty and service assurance in such cases stand null and void
    • Service Providers do not carry ladders. If required, a ladder has to be provided by the customer.
    • We would not be responsible for any physical damage or missing parts of the appliance that are brought to our notice after leaving your premises (Washing Machine Repair)

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